Jay McCleskey has roots in New Mexico

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Jay McCleskey being on top of his game is essential to the success of Lincoln Strategy Group. Who is Jay McCleskey is not just another member of the staff, he is an integral member of the highly respected political consulting firm, Lincoln Strategy Group. This is a firm that works with and for a number of political groups, campaigns, and politicians. Jay McCleskey did not always work at Lincoln Strategy Group, though. Before he worked there, he was working as the Regional Political Director for the Republican National Committee. He worked in this position from 2005 until 2009. During these years, Jay McCleskey was working with the Republican National Committee and was in charge of managing political operations in ten states. He also helped with dozens of campaigns all over the U.S.

The RNC Victory Operation in 2004 in New Mexico was another project run by Jay McCleskey. This was part of the re-election campaign of then-President George W. Bush of Texas. Jay McCleskey has roots in New Mexico and on that night he helped to turn New Mexico from a blue state to a red one, helping to deliver the state’s electoral votes to George W. Bush over John Kerry.

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